A C N E   S O L U T I O N   B Y   M E S O E S T E T I C ®



acnelan acne peel treatment by mesoestetic is an effective treatment for active acne in the mild to severe stage. especially effective at treating hormonal and cyctic acne, acnelan is the first line of defense to avoid further acne scaring and skin distress.


to understand how the acnelan treatment works it is important to know a little about how acne forms. the skin has natural oils which make up the lipid barrier to keep it from becoming dry and sore. when this lipid barrier builds up, the excess oil prevents the skin from being able to effectivley shed its dead cells. the two of these defective functions clog the pores which in turn attract bacteria and produced papules or pustules. 


acnelan uses a unique multi chemical peeling solution to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and pores to target the sebaceous glands which secrete the natural oil.  its penetrative ability enables acnelan's famous results as its unique ability to retrain the sebacous activity comes into play. with lowered oil production and effective peeling of the dead skin cells active acne is reduced and bacteria count is lowered.  within the next 7 to 10 days after the first peel the skin in the affected areas will eventually fall of. 3 peels are needed for maximum results as well as use of home care products for skin preparation and acceleration of professional results. 


reduction in active acne

reduction in cystic acne

improvement in skin texture and tone

reduction in acne scars

improvement of overall skin tone

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