M E D I C A L   P E E L S



the aesthetic house uses many different types of chemical peels for various different skin concerns. a chemical peel is generally comprised of synthetic or natural acids that when applied to the skin, break down the surface epithelial layer in order to provide a chemical exfoliation. different peels penetrate to different depths and therefore are able to treat many different skin concerns. for example superficial peels such as glycolic and lactic acid are best for general skin rejuvenation  where as a jessner's peel that can penetrate deeper into the surface layer of the skin has the ability to treat acne, scaring and superficial pigmentation. 

your aesthetic nurse will determine the best chemical peel to suit your individual skin concerns, and may combine this with another treatment for best results. 

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a general rule of between 3 - 4 peels are advisable for most skin concerns however for a superficial rejuvenation treatment, 1 to 2 peels may be best.

M E D I C A L   P E E L   M E N U




medik8 light peel

For those worried about the downtime associated with chemical peels but still committed to having flawless skin, Light Peel is a revitalising treatment suitable for blemishes and lightly wrinkled skin, effectively diminishing excess sebum, signs of ageing and light scarring.  A great way to introduce you to the world of chemical peels.  It contains gentle BHA Salicylic Acid to perform the requisite exfoliating action, unblocking pores and clearing away dead surface skin to reveal a renewed complexion.  L-Lactic Acid helps improve areas of sun damage such as pigmentation and age spots.  combined with L-Mandelic Acid and Lactobionic Acid, it is the ideal peel to help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.  Light Peel is mild enough to be used year round and there is no shedding or peeling, just a revitalised, refreshed natural glow to the skin.


glycolic acid


glycolic acid is part of the alpha hydroxy acid family (aha's) and is dervided from cane sugar which puts it in on the superficial spectrum, meaning it targets the surface layer of the skin. its penetrative ability means that the higher the percentage of the peel, the higher its exfoliation properties however with potency increase comes a higher risk of sensitivity. glycolic acid peels are a great option for fine lines, minor pigmentation, sun spots, improving skin texture and tone and provide revitilisation and skin rejuvenation.



lactic acid peel 30% or 40%

lactic acid peels are a type of chemical peel that is made from aha (alpha hydroxy acids). they are very mild as they are derived from milk and have many benefits for the skin. this peel exfoliates the surface of the skin, while deep cleaning the pores & stimulating natural collagen production. you will notice a more even out skin tone and improvement in hyper pigmentation. lactic acid brightens and lightens the skin, and improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. it can also help to improve acne and dry up oily skin, whilst removing dead skin cells, toxins, and debris that are on the skin. 



medik8 white peel

The most effective way to achieve a brighter and even skin tone, free of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, is to eliminate skin cells rich in melanin and prevent the darkening of the new skin cells.  Especially designed to target sun damage and hyperpigmentation problems, whitePeel penetrates the skin’s pigment cells (melanocytes) to gently and effectively reduce the appearance of unwanted discolouration, for a more even skin tone.


jessners acne peel

the jessner's peel is a medium depth chemical peel that is done by a nurse or doctor. it is one of the most effective peels to remove the superficial layers of the skin and is suitable for all types. this peel is excellent for treating sun damaged skin, ageing skin, and to lighten areas of hyper pigmentation. a jessner peel is great for those with acne, thick skin, skin discoloration, moderate wrinkles, and oily skin. oil production will be decreased and clogged sebaceous follicles will be opened. a jessner peel can help to not only reduce the appearance of acne, but also reduce hyper pigmentation of the skin. fine lines and wrinkles can be smoothed out, and the skin will be given a youthful glow. the complexion will be improved greatly, and pores may be reduced in size. a jessner peel can be used to assists with treatment of melasma.


tca pigmentation peel

tca peel, or tricloroacetic acid peels, work deep down in the skin to repair and rejuvenate. tea is a medium strength chemical peel that de-pigments the skin to remove hyper pigmentation and dark spots, and are known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even out the skin tone and improve skin discoloration.

tca peels range in 8% to 30% in strength. they can be used not only on the face, but also the hands, back of the hands and the neck.