M I C R O N E E D L I N G -  T H E  V A M P I R E  F A C I A L



microneedling facials have been gaining attention around the world due to the procedures popularity amongst hollywood royalty such as kim kardashian, and has spread like wildfire throughout the rest of the world. microneedling is an effective cosmetic treatment that creates measured and specific micro channels within the skin, initiating new collagen synthesis and revitalises the skin's surface.

skin needling treatments are great for treating acne scaring, uneven skin tone, fine lines, ageing, pigmentation, poor skin texture and even stretch marks.

when used in conjunction with a topical skin tonic or your own blood plasma which is full of nutrients and stem cells for optimal rejuvination, best will be received. vitamin a and hyaluronic acid can also be infused into the epidermis providing fantastic anti ageing, plumping effects. the micro channels enable penetration into the deeper layers of the skin giving excellent results.  



improvement in fine lines and wrinkles

improvement in skin laxity

improvement in skin texture

reduction in acne scars

reduction of stretch marks

improvement of open pores

improvement in active acne


topical anaesthetic is utilised before your micro needling procedure to ensure maximum comfort throughout. during your first procedure your aesthetic nurse will set the microneedling device to penetrate superficially to prepare your skin for future treatments and to gain optimal results with minimal downtime. generally you may need 3 to 4 treatments for best skin tone improvement and acne scaring, and 4 - 6 treatments for stretch marks and deep scars. you will be given post treatment instructions on how to look after your skin in the following days after your microneedling to maximise results and reduce the risk of complications.

M I C R O N E E D L I N G   M E N U


precise microneedling procedure with infusion of a custom treatment ampoule, tailored to your skin.

+ includes express microneedling procedure

+ customised treatment ampoule infusion

$199 full face


deep microneedling procedure designed for the treatment of acne scars and uneven skin textures with an infusion of a custom treatment ampoule, tailored to your skin.

+ includes medical microneedling procedure

+ customised treatment ampoule infusion

+ skin perfecting hyaluronic acid mask 

+ healite II therapy for cell renewal & scar 


$299 full face


mesotherapy infusion of vitamins, anti-

ageing peptides & skin perfecting serums

+ includes in-depth microneedling procedure

+ meso cocktail infusion

+ 100% hyaluronic acid collagen mask 

+ gold standard healite II therapy for rejuvenation & cell 


$299 full face


infusion of mesotox wrinkle relaxing actives through micro-channels created by microneedling. this treatment reduces the need for injectables or botox and does not use toxins or scheduled drugs, creating a safer approach to wrinkle relaxing.

+ includes in-depth microneedling procedure

+ mesotox infusion

+ 100% hyaluronic acid collagen mask 

+ gold standard healite II therapy for anti-ageing, rejuvenation & cell 



$349 special price

 full face



  $450 full face and neck